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  1. I get the same message too.
    I previously use mpack but recently have problems with pixellation-really bad ones too.
    I've encoded a mov file with cleaner 5 with the toast compatible option checked yet toast does not recognize the encoded .mpg file. Help!
    Mpack generates an encoded file with this suffix : .mpeg_tr
    Cleaner file generates an encoded file with this suffix :
    Is that the problem? Am I missing an extension?
    Read that i need to remux/demux the cleaner mpeg file before toasting. Is this true? How do I do this? In Astarte's WiredMux?
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  2. papasmurf, open the source MPG with some MPG analyzer and check if it has the correct size and bitrate

    pb400, if you encode with Cleaner 5, Toast 5 WILL accept the MPG. Make sure that :

    1. You're applying the standard VIDEO CD NTSC or VIDEO CD PAL Cleaner template on the file to be encoded. If you alter any parameter from this template, like size or bitrate, the result could not be VCD compliant.

    2. Your Toast should not be a beta version (read the file information)

    Toast 5 should accept the resulting MPG no matter the Toast or Whitebook option was checked in Cleaner.

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  3. you have to set toast more memory - thatīs all !
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  4. <TABLE BORDER=0 ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH=85%><TR><TD><font size=-1>Quote:</font><HR size=1 color=black></TD></TR><TR><TD><FONT SIZE=-1><BLOCKQUOTE>
    On 2001-08-02 08:12:38, g_fahr wrote:
    you have to set toast more memory - thatīs all !
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    It could be memory, perhaps, but this is also the standard message Toast gives when you present it with a non-recognized MPEG I format file. Toast is very particular about the MPEG files it takes; I've had no problems with Cleaner's Toast-ready and M.Pack's Toast-ready options. Double-check your MPEG-1 settings, choose Toast compatible if you can when encoding.
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  5. I got the same error message. What you need to do is multiplex it with TMPGE in Virtual PC. Under Mpeg tools in TMPGE there's an option to multiplex. I export all my movies in quicktime to .avi's and then encode them in TMPGE... Making sure the size is 352 x 240... Then multiplex them with TMPGE.... Drop them on toast and burn...
    It works...
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