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  1. I'm transferring a VHS tape and would like to use a cleaning filter with VirtualDub. But every one I've tried adds some "strobing" to the image. For example, there's a section where a number of people are waving hello and the motion of their arms is jerky, like a strobe light was on them.

    I've tried Temporal Smoother, Flaxen's VHS filter, Smart Smoother, and some others. They all seem to cause this problem.

    Can someone recommend a good filter to clean up VHS that will not cause a problem with fast motion, or settings for the above filters that will minimize it?

    Thanks for any help!

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    That sounds more like you are outputting with the wrong field order.

    How are you capturing your VHS ? If it is via a DV camera or conversion box, then the results will be bottom field first (BFF). If it is an analogue capture card then it may be TFF. If you reverse this, you will get the effect you describe.
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  3. You da man!

    Changed the field order to Top field first - problem gone.

    Thanks much.
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