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  1. So, I thought one of the ways I could save time, and not tie up my editing computer, was to
    transfer 16:9 anamorphic digital footage shot on DVCAM using a standalone DVD recorder.
    Using DVD-R or DVD+R. (I want to view the transfer letterbox on a 4:3 TV to write scripts, using Time Code numbers transferred from a SONY camera or clamshell. Or, to show a client the raw footage on DVD).

    Bought one recorder by AKAI that was really inexpensive (DVDRW120) which is a +R recorder.
    Actually, records from cable off-air beautifully. But I didn't realise it doesn't record 16:9
    anamorphic input digital or analog streams, rather, it squeezes the picture to 4:3, rather than
    record letterbox. In fact the manual doesn't mention anything about how it records, even though this recorder has a firewire 1394 plug, S-Video connections or RCAs. I had thought the firewire connection might switch automatically.

    I'm wondering if anyone can suggest an inexpensive unit they know to be able to record 16:9
    anamorphic to DVD-R or DVD+R from digital input.

    I know the new formats will be/are taking over, but I am looking for a cheap way of viewing the images. I have looked around, but it's too hit or miss and I guess most of this technology will disappear shortly.

    Your collective wisdom appreciated as always.

    Bill in Toronto
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    The Pioneer recorders will automatically set the 16:9 playback correctly when recording via either Firewire (if equipped) or S-video. I've read that some brands only do this with DVD-RAM. Some have a manual setting. My only experience is with Pioneer and they all do this automatically.
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    Usually what happens with alot of stand alone DVD recorders is that they will record the true 16x9 WS image but will set the aspect ratio flag in the DVD header as being 4:3 instead of setting it as 16:9

    The result is that the DVD will play "stretched" on a 4:3 television.

    One way "around" this is to RIP or COPY the DVD to your computer ... change the header from 4:3 to 16:9 using IfoEdit ... then burn to a new DVD-R or DVD+R using your computer's DVD burner.

    The new DVD will then display correctly on a 4:3 television.

    - John "FulciLives" Coleman
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