Who could write a nice little GUI for audio deley and cut changes through out the video?

You see Medial Player Classic scrolls video easaly while video editors not.

All heavy video editing programs have interface for setting delays and cuts to adjust audio through out the video but they are terribly slow at scrolling the video or it needs to be converted to specific format first. And there is no video editor which scrolls smoothly pulldowned NTSC Mpeg2.

The MPC scrolls smoothly any video, but it allows setting deley or advance only once - to whole movie.

That almost is OK. User just has to watch where sound starts to offset (usually at scene change), then adjust deley or cut while it is back on track and then make the change in CoolEdit at specified place and lenght.

The nice little GUI would track the changes user makes to audio through out the video (simple setting of deley and cut where necessary), save them to CoolEdit script user can apply later to audio all at once!

The changes to be tracked ar simple (+/-) delays at specified times.

I could maybe write myself this program. I have written hundreds of Word Basic macros and tens of Visual Basic for Applications macros in Office 97 a have even wrote a standalone calculator app in Visual Basic

Also of course I dream about program which would easaly scroll several videos at once and track changes similiary like described with sound.

For example, I have 6 hour video in one language and 3 hour video in another with not only cuts but also scenes changed. Taking a sound from 6 hour version would be the easyest while seeing both videos. I have not tryed this in Premier nor other program because I know it will be nightmere.

P.S. I just realized the VirtualDub plugin could do this if I knew how to wrote it!