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Poll: Do you drink tap water?

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    Hmmm, I wonder why some possible answers are cut of from the list.
    Also only one mentioned tea and Pepsi!
    I prefer beer, jin&tonic, and hard fuel

    Now serious: I'm water engeneer and can asure you no tap water is mixed with river water - water plants use various filter and desinfection methds (depending on the source) to asure the sanity of the drinking (tap) wate.
    Of coarse you can't take away other factors like the delivery system (pipes, reservoirs, etc.) and quality varies with the place and the water plant.

    So you can basicly presume you are safe using tap water but even I use filtered water most of the time (even for ice cubes and cooking).
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    Some years back, I installed a complete water treatment system with whole house filter on my well-supplied water to the house.

    Works great.

    Right after that, my wife decided she wanted bottled water.

    Whatever doesn't kill me, merely ticks me off. (Never again a Sony consumer.)
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    New York City water may be the "champagne of drinking water", but you should see the 20/20 video regarding that. Imuno compromised individuals were dying from it ten years ago, primarily due to cryptosporidium (a microbial cystoid organism, one of the causes of "Montezuma's Revenge" in third world countries), mainly due to the fact that New York City does not filter the water source.

    I don't care how "pristine" the reservoirs in upstate New York are: You absolutely cannot restrain birds, deer, beavers, fish, midges, mosquitos, or all the other myriad forms of wildlife from entering and contaminating a surface water source. There are many reservoirs in the US that have turbidity levels low enough to be used without filtration for drinking water - NONE ARE EXCEPT NEW YORK CITY.

    Why? Ask New York City: They have been in a legal battle for years with the EPA. They do not want to build a filtration plant. Not because they know their water is absolutely safe for human consumption, just because they do not want to spend money on a filtration plant.

    This is not thinking about the safety of the consumer, it's typical beauro-BS.

    Think about this before you grab a glass of NYC water.
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  4. I drink it but I let it sit on the counter for a bit to clear it up. It then tastes fine.

    Best bottled water is distilled water. It's practically sterile.
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    Hello Forum Members,

    When it comes to water, I live in a small locality in New York state, and the tap water here tastes so bad that most here buy bottled water. I get three 5 gallon jugs delivered each month, plus I lease a water cooler & heater for instant HOT water and also super cold water.

    I also believe that the local municipality gets a kick back from the bottled water people as it seems they go out of their way to make the tap water taste bad..!

    Now.... When it comes to a body of water, I usually walk across it...!

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    ZAPPER wrote:

    just do it above the cattle crossing or it taste alot like whatever the cattle last ate

    Chewed up grass
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    Tap is fine with me, but I should know better. I work for our city's utilities dept, so I know some of the guys responsible for my water. That should be enough to scare to to bottled. Plus the fact that our wastewater treatment plant's outfall is only about a half mile away from the filtration plant's intake....

    He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.
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  8. Funny thing is, is that a lot of bottled water comes from a Tap anyway.
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  9. Originally Posted by edDV
    Here (Sierra Foothills, CA) the tap water is better than any bottled water. It comes straight from the snow melt.
    I use a filter because us low-landers have to worry about mercury in the American River from the good ole '49er days....not to mention Benzene from Aerojet.
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  10. In some areas, unfortunately, the water is contaminated from industrialized agriculture. Even with a private well 140 feet deep I cant drink it. Some of my neighbors do. We are also prone to minor flooding, (rare but does happen) which allows terrible contaminated water to get into the ground water. That along with minor sulfur smell -sometimes - demands I drink plastic water.
    Even though I try to buy purified spring water from way up North for the taste I also buy distilled water for mixing with flavorings.
    30 yrs. back we could drink from the creek as the shallow crystal clear water flowed over beautiful white sand. Now it's a murky sludge in areas and no way. We don't even step in it or eat fish from it. Shame that the old swimming & fishing holes as they were called are now long deserted. And the main reason is the massive increase of industrialize farming. Add the fact that certain animals emit 4 to 30 times of the elements of human waste, can out-number the people 30 to 1 in certain counties, not mine thankfully but close enough for rain drift, and the waste is in open ground ponds unlike household waste in septic tanks, and what's in these huge ponds evaporate up - and what goes up comes down with rain, snow, etc. - I cant submit my household to that.
    Living rural several miles from the cities has many advantages but good ground water is not one of them in many places now. So bottled water is a must for drinking. Filtration for clothes washing, bathing, and other needs is also a good idea.
    For the skeptics...can I prove my spring water is not poured from a tap in northern Canada? No. So this isn't for everyone but those that know or live anywhere near the situation cant take the chance.
    I do get testing and after minor flooding absolutely no drinking for a long time even with treating the well with chemicals for killing bacteria, etc.. Even regular testing (no flooding for a few years) the guy tells me, bathing ok, drinking... up to you, but I wouldn't. I take his advice.
    As I heard a cow farmer in Scotland once say, "Industrialized farming with all the antibiotics, steroids, cannibal feed eating, and other unnatural things fed to the animals is against the evolution of the planet. And one day in the near future Earth will retaliate."
    Sad but true.
    As a child/teenager I never thought of the idea of buying water.
    Safe drinking,

    Good reading. Nice informative thread.
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  11. I drink reverse osmosis water. After using one for over a decade, tap water is nasty.
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    Tap water is fine. I like my water a bit "chewy"
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