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    im confused as to why i get a warning for posting a question about a keygen, but you have sections on the site that include hacks and keygens and whatnot?
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    Theres a difference between hacks and keygens.

    Hacks is about bypassing region protection on dvd players, no more. You are only trying a play a original bought DVD (another region of course) which you paid for of course.

    Keygens is about using software illegally without paying for it. Clearly illegal. Check the forum, you will see there is no information regarding keygens on this forum or any links to keygens. Its against forums rules (if you think otherwise, please provide a link).

    Admin (Baldrick) and Moderators do all they can to keep the forums clean of warez. Otherwise, if this forum was to get full of warez links, it would be closed.

    And before you signed up and even posted, there are rules for you to read regarding what you can and cannot post. Its clearly says no warez, no links to warez or asking for warez:
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  3. waheed put it very well.

    You got a formal warning because you asked for a code that would allow you to use software without paying for it. This is clearly and repeatedly stated in the Forum AUP and above the box you write your posts in.

    If you receive a formal warning for a post and it is locked by a moderator, please don't re-post to bypass this.


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