I bought a kit from Snapstream a while back, which included BeyondTV 4, a PVR-150MCE, and a Firefly remote. The Firefly remote has had nothing but problems, and I am now looking to replace it. It is a slick remote, but it works maybe 50% of the time I go to use it and I am tired of dealing with it. It also consumes 50-60MB of memory, by two Windows services it needs to work (or not work in my case) and the Beyond Media Basic software that must run at all times even if you don't use it; it also consumes some CPU time periodically for some reason.

The Firefly was RF, but I would be happy with an IR, I only use the remote 8-10 feet from my HTPC.

Can someone recommend a remote that is flexible like the Firefly (programmable to work with a variety of applications, lots of buttons, etc.) and works reliably? I'd like to use it with BeyondTV , and some frontend (Beyond Media, Media Portal etc.) and my favorite apps (Media Player Classic, VLC, Zoom Player, WinAmp etc.)