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    Many friends ask me how to enjoy videos from YouTube, Myspace, Google Video, etc on PSP. Videos come from those website are streaming videos. So you need some software to capture steaming videos. Here is a simple guide about it.

    Part 1: Download Videos from web
    Step 1: You'll need firefox. Firefox is a free and powerful web browser. Download and install it.
    Here is the free download link:

    Step 2: Install the videodownloader extension. This is a plug-in for firefox. It enables you capture streaming video from website. Here is the free download link:

    Step 3: After installing videodownloader, restart firefox. In the bottom right, you'll see a little box. Go to the video you want to download, double click that little box, and select download link. Then you could download the streaming video you want.

    Part 2: Convert and copy files to PSP
    Step 1: You need a PSP Video 9, PSP Video 9 is a free and powerful video converter for PSP, you may download from here.
    For more FAQ about this software, you can refer this forum:

    Step 2: After installing PSP Video9, run it. Click "Convert" on the menu to go to the Convert section. Next, click the "One-Click Transcode" button and select the file you want to convert. If there are no files in your queue, conversion will begin immediately, otherwise the video will be stored in your queue.

    Step 3: Once the conversion is complete, click on the Copy button to go to the Copy page. On the left hand side of the copy page, you can see all the PSP video files on your PC. Select the video you just converted and click the "Copy Video to PSP" button. Now, provided you had enough free space for the file, the file should appear on the right hand side of the page meaning the file is now on your PSP.

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    This add-on doesnt seem to work with YouTube anymore. It used to but not anymore.
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    Video DownloadHelper still works fine,
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