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  1. Is there an easy way to Bleep out audio in a video file?
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  2. No easy way to do it.

    You could open the DVD in Adobe Audition. Demux it, an select highlight what you want to remove and cut it, then add the same exact of amount of silence at that location.
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    I'll try to ignore the irony of what you said (take the AUDIO out of VIDEO--like can you take the Chocolate out of Strawberry) and let you know the steps I would take, IIWY.

    1. Demux the Audio from the video file (app depends on what kind of video file you have--you didn't say)
    2. Decode the audio to WAV (only if the next app doesn't support your type of compressed audio input).
    3. Open in Audio editor (CoolEdit/Audition, Audacity, Goldwave, ProTools)--multitrack mode would probably be easier (no UNDO worries).
    4. Generate 1kHz or 700Hz Sine wave at selected points in the timeline. Length at least a few milliseconds-just lasting long enough to cover the OFFENDING word(s)/sound(s). Don't want to overdo it. (Of course, for me you wouldn't do it at all, unless it was for humor's sake).
    5.Render/Export to new WAV file.
    6. Convert to similarly-compressed file.
    7. Mux with the original video stream to new composite file. (prob. using same mux app as before)

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  4. This is depressing news
    I wish there were an easier way to do this... someone should make an app
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    How about buying or renting only "G" rated movies?
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  6. Actually I've found out that ULead's MediaStudio will allow me to open the MPEG in the Audio Editor and MUTE selections, and then resave the file (no need to Demux/ReMux)

    Originally Posted by SLK001
    How about buying or renting only "G" rated movies?
    Home Videos
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