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    Repair audio in ulead video studio

    For what ever reason there will be time's when you want to repair audio to one or more clip's in your ulead video studio project ...

    The correct method is to deal with problematic clip audio as a seperate title ... never do this when all clip's are on timeline ... you will screwup your audio and have to start from scratch again .

    In this example , I have 4 clip's .

    So , you have a clip where the audio need's repair, cleaned up or totally replaced .

    I won't show the cleaning up of the audio ... just how to deal with audio correctly .

    Clip 3 has slight hissing ... but clip1 ,2 and 4 are fine , so placed clip 3 on timeline ...

    Now right click on clip "3" , and choose "split audio"

    Now ...

    Head straight to share , and save this audio .

    Next , choose location for file and name ... this is clip 3 so I call it "clip3audio" ... setting's are

    Note : For easier editing , I recommend to save as wav only ... which allow's you to use many audio editor's , such as audiocity , and more .

    Once completed , you will see these ... the second is a thumbnail of the newly generated audio file .

    For now , right click on "clip3audio" and delete thumbnail ... we dont need this .

    Now go to the folder where "clip3audio" was saved to , and load it into you choice of audio editor .

    Note : I highly recommend you do not edit area's using frequency change's ... it will cause audio lip sync problem's in clip's that may follow the edited clip.

    For those removing hissing or other noise , it should be a simple process , ulead has a few audio filter's ... however , this guide is aimed at audio editing outside of ulead video studio ... as some user's may have click's or pop's that need dealing with .

    Once the audio file editing is done , and your happy with it , save as wav ... make sure you have not made change's to it's length ... may cause sync problem's .

    Now back in ulead video studio , where that audio file is , right click in the area and choose .

    Locate and choose your repaired audio file ... so we now have

    Now left click on the audio track on the time line to highlight it , only clip 3's , and right click , then choose delete

    Now back to the audio up to the right and delete the original track

    Now ... the fun bit ...


    We have ...

    Clip0 is crap ... dont worry about it .

    So clip order is ... crap , clip1 , clip2 , clip3 (audio edited) , clip4

    On time line is clip3 , the file we were working on ... which currently , only the video exist's on timeline ... Delete it

    Now add clip's 1 , 2 , and 3 to timeline .

    Ok they are in the correct order now ... the red one is clip3 (audio edited)


    The reason people screw this area up .


    Right click on clip1 , choose "split audio" ... do same for clip2 , and once more for clip3 .

    Now click clip3 , then switch to time line view .... Click audio for clip3 and delete it , and we have

    Now click the end of clip2's audio .

    You now see

    Drag this audio file down to clip3's audio track area and butt it up against the audio track of clip2 ... and now

    You can now add next clip ... split clip4's audio as well ... and we have

    You may now edit or save your new clip ...

    Should an error appear "audio exist's" when splitting audio for clip4 ... you may have stretched the time length of audio for clip 3 .

    That's why I said be carefull when changing frequency's , cutting and pasting in audio editor's ... they can cause time length change's .

    Of course , you can move the audio alignment in ulead for clip3 so it is aligned with it's video end ... but you may have another problem ... called "lip sync misalignment" ... and that's a pain ... and you need to fix it or live with it ... because it was obvious you didnt pay attention .


    It's easy .

    This is how you fix audio in one clip , without affecting the rest , by dealing with the clip FIRST ... not when they are all on the time line ...


    Note's :

    If you have clip's ... that you dont want audio ... think again ... all should have audio .

    Just follow the instruction's on how to deal with each clip as an individual title .
    After audio has been split ... notice over to the left ... a little volume meter ... zero it , and save the audio for that clip ... this has the desired effect .

    Hopefully ... this guide help's you understand ulead video studio a little bit more ... esspecially when it come's to multiple clip's and audio editing .
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    Originally Posted by Bjs
    If you have clip's ... that you dont want audio ... think again ... all should have audio.
    Maybe not so in all cases. I have a project that contains several clips. The first clip is a 10-second black leadin then the video progresses to the next clips, etc, etc, until the end where there is another 10-second black clip.

    Neither the first clip nor the last clip has an audio tract. If you try to click on Split Audio that selection is disabled for both clips.
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    Sure , you can do what you want ... but when it come's down to dvd player's , it's best to include it , as not all dvd player's are the same .

    It's a bit like forced subtitle's ... some just ignore it .

    The rule is : If in doubt , then INCLUDE it or else ...

    As most will agree , a pc will play almost anything provided decoder's are installed ... but topset box's are a different thing altogether ... very fussy critter's


    As for "If you try to click on Split Audio that selection is disabled for both clips"

    It's a ulead project ... that's simple

    However , upon opening my test clip in vdub , and extracting the audio from the "no audio included" area , produce's audio file having no sound .

    So in this event , ulead fill's these area's with null audio ... which is the correct behaviour to avoid issue's ...

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    I'm actually a bit frustrated with the way Ulead works..

    In Ulead VideoStudio 7, I'm trying to take a track that I had downloaded onto my computer, add it to a video I'm making..

    But I want to be able to split that audio track into a few different pieces, so I can have the sound from the video clips heard clearly, without the sound from the music track playing in the background.

    You may have already explained how to do it, but to be honest, if you did, I didn't understand, which is why I'm asking.

    Please help?
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    MizSukiGo ... if you followed the guides information well enough on how the clip's and such are pulled apart , then your halfway home .

    The problem is when replacing audio , you could very easily end up with mismatched time lengths .

    The way I deal with it , is split the clip up in the desired area's , then go about splitting the audio .

    The audio that is to be replaced is exported as wav , and removed from project , and this exported audio is opened in audacity , as it's free .

    I then open another instance of the program , and open the replacement audio .

    Under the original audio , I add another track area .

    The audio is copied from the new audio track , and pasted into the track below the original .
    Then close audacity containing the replacement audio .

    We are left with audacity containing two streams , original is above the new replacement .
    From here it's using the tool's to adjust the replacement audio to match the original length .

    Once this is accomplished , the original track is removed , and what remains is saved as a new wav .
    This is brought into ulead , and linked to the clip involved .


    Of course ulead video studio can resync the new audio ... but you may end up with an effect you dont want ... which is why in most instance's ... I'd rather take the long way round , than a shortcut ... they leed to pitfall's .


    As you can see ... I might have done it a funny way ... but I avoid the problem of mismatched time length , which would undermine the project , and all the work involved in getting better than just an average looking dvd compilation .


    There are also difference's between your current version , being 7 ... and mine , being 9 that might cause a gap in the knowledge base ... ie , something I have mentioned or shown is not available to your version .
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  6. You should edit your instructions to correctly spell Audiocity as Audacity so the system will automatically include links to the program.
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