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    I am trying find the most effective and most fastest way of converting my DVDs to AVI format because whenever I try converting these files, it take hours to complete and hogs my memory while I can be doing more productive tasks on my computer. I've been using many programs so far such as AutoGK, DVD Rebuilder, SimpleDivX, and more.. but none of them convert DVDs to AVI format in few hours or less.

    Is there any settings that can convert my DVDs to AVI format in at least 3-4 hours while still obtaining decent quality? What programs do you recommend using? Please let me know.

    For your information, here are my current specs of my computer:

    AMD Athlon 64, 3000+ (OC to 2.21 GHz)
    ASRock 939Dual-SATA2
    ATI Radeon 9600 XT
    1GB Corsair ValueSelect DDR400 PC3200
    Creative SB Live! Value
    Seagate Ultra-ATA/100 120GB HDD
    Seagate SATA II 300GB HDD

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    DVD Rebuilder doesn't convert to avi. AutoGK is a s good as anything else for doing DVD to avi conversions, although you could also consider or fairusewizard as alternatives.

    That said, the encoding isn't actually done by any of these. These programs are just front ends to make your life easier in prepaing the files. The real work is done by the encoder or codec (Compressor-DeCompressor) itself. So if you choose Xvid for output, the difference between and autoGK will be negliable in most cases. Similarly if you choose Divx instead.

    CPU is about the only factor influencing the speed on a mchaine like yours. So either put a faster CPU in (or wait for Core Duo 2 to get cheaper), or get a sceond PC so you can dedicate on to encoding while you work on other things with the second PC.
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