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  1. Originally Posted by Barnabas
    No low audio here. Do you have the audio on the remote turned down perhaps?
    What are you using for outputs ? I have low audio output through the digital audio out. I am using the CATV input. I think it even happens with the front composite inputs. It is at least 6db lower.
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    This unit has far exceeded my expectations for the price. I have found the same limitations that others have:
    - quirky remote - I am much better with it now after a few days as I learn how to aim it and be careful with the keys
    - poor instructions - I've figured out everything I've needed so far, but it took time
    - mono tuner
    Here's what I like for the price:
    - excellent video quality
    - recording to the hard drive is great - I burn a number of shows then to DVD at the same time
    - ability to cut out on the hard drive what I don't want to record to DVD
    - compatibility - another burner I had made DVDs that would not play on every unit - this one makes discs that play on everything I've tried
    - called customer support to inquire about what "standby" mode meant - talked to someone right away
    - the ability (from what I've read from others) to virtually plug and play a larger capacity hard drive (I'm waiting till the warranty is over for that)

    For the price, this thing rocks!
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  3. I want to record TV shows from SAT, I can use componant in but what about sound the digitals are all out. So if some one has any suggestion, am I restriced to regular input sound what if the sound of the show is dolby any info on this subject is appreciated also links on how to change the HD. Thanks.
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  4. No matter what your sound source is, the 2001G records it as mpeg1, layer 2 audio. Strictly speaking, this does not comply with the US dvd-video standard which requires at least one audio track be either LPCM or Dolby Digital.

    In the past I have recorded with mpeg1, layer 2 audio on dvd's and have never run into a US dvd player that would not play it, so I do not believe it to be that important.
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  5. Thanks for reply for TV shows as you say maybe good enough.
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    Well today I copied a homemade DVD of something recorded off TV...three hours. I finalized and the dvd plays back just fine on the Polaroid...but it will not play on two different players and won't play on my iLo recorder either...did I miss something. I watched as it was recording...named the titles, etc...watched the display numbers...everything seemed to go ok...on one player it will show only 2 minutes of recorded material and that's all it plays...even though on the menu it shows three seperate titles and has the time correct for each one. Sure could use some ideas...and help...
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    I had lot's of trouble to start with because of the poor documentation and was left with a few DVDs with unexpected or unplayable stuff on them.
    I then tried recording just short items, finalizing and playing and worked through a few things I wasn't doing right.
    Maybe try something just 5 or 10 minutes long and do the same thing, watch it through to see all the steps.
    I was at a dead end a few times, read, tried, pushed buttons and now the only thing I've got left to figure out is why YesDVD doesn't work on a 2 hour movie.
    I'm wondering that if you fill the disc, it doesn't have room to do its stuff and therefore doesn't give you the option.
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    I've now found my problem with YesDVD. I didn't read close enough and it only works with DVD+R. I had tried some -R.
    Every now and then I run into the problem with the unit becoming slow to respond to the remote. I just shut the it down and power up again and it returns to normal.
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    I took mine back...the timer recordings were fine...everything else looked like it was recording but when played back on another now I start re-looking...
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  10. Cheryl911,

    You just need to rip the DVD from your Polaroid to your hard drive, edit, re-author and burn. Then they will play on most anything.

    I have tried a couple of DVD Recorders and nothing else I tried has had the quality the Polaroid captures do. I even use it sometimes over my Canopus, edit, filter, CCE encode etc.
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    Just got one of these yesterday. Frankly, I could live with the flaky remote (thankfully it can be fixed), but why the @$$@#$ can't VCR and DVD recorder companies get their heads out of their collective backsides and figure out how to make the clock in these things continue to operate when power is lost? Computer manufacturers have been doing it for 20 years. When I buy something I expect the damn things to work right. And this one is, if anything, worse than the one VCR I do have, which also had an auto-set for the time.

    See, in that one, it periodically, like once every 10 minutes, would look for the PBS station and set its own clock, so if power went out, you would at most have to wait 10 minutes for it to correct itself. In that case, it still forgot all its timer settings, so you where screwed anyway though. This damn thing doesn't lose the timer settings, but you have to manually activate the "automatic" date/time setting feature... WTF?

    Where I live we get a) lightning storms, b) high winds, c) occational idiots running into telephone poles. The city was "supposed" to put all this junk underground, but found it "easier" to ignore their own ordinances. As a result, alarm clocks, my TV, every VCR we have, my stereos clock and other settings and now this damn thing, are all vulnerable to not fracking working if there is so much as a hickup in the power. Needless to say, there are no TiVo dealers in town and the cable companies attitude for DVRs is, "What? More than 2-3 people want one and expect us to have them in stock?"

    To me, as nice as this thing is, its a mixed bag. On one hand, its a major improvement over a VCR, but on the other hand, its *as useless* as a VCR, since it won't bloody work, not "if", but **when** then power fails for a few minutes, never mind the 2-3 hours it went down last night in the storm we had. These clowns (and by that I mean everyone that makes recorders) need to rethink their clock designs, *badly*. They have needed to do so since the day they started making them programmable in the first place. And I wouldn't have minded paying an extra $10, or whatever, for one that worked right.

    Got myself a UPS to plug into to fix it, but why I "should" need to pay $50 for what could have been fixed using a $2 battery (at least in any sane world)...
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    Oh, and real fun.. Trying their online help I commented on their time losing issue and asked about a new remote. Both messages got me a link to the "get accessories here" section, which has batteries that don't work with this unit and a three remotes, which don't either.... Great, yet another ATI, which is more interested in pointing you at irrelevent BS, than actually reading and talking to you about the question you asked... Like it would hurt them to let you reply to their reply, or *actually* read and understand the original request(s).
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  13. I only use componant input and DV. Is there a way when it is turned on go to Rear Componant straight so I don't have to change.
    My observations :, remote should have had a bigger button for freq used keys, I may remedy that with another remote. It is very Noisy, one can hear it across the room like a computer (30-32db) and gets hot too. It is slow to responding maybe it is the remote and takes few seconds to boot at startup. It does a very good job in capturing from VHS on componant and also DV. I wish it could connect to a computer through DV for file transfer . Has anyone tried? is it possible?
    if you know any specific remote that works well. I always used computer to capture and record but using this is a bit easier and looks like in dvd recorders HD is a must. One good thing display can be change back and forth from progressive on remote, I had so much problem with my phillips when mistake is made. One last thing in the middle of recording from VHS source said mismatch system and it paused and one other occasion macro switched on put a black band in the middle of screen for no reason but after on and off it went away. If one doesn't read in the manual how to finalize +R it is almost impossible to find that hidden menu!!
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    DRM-2001G: Evaluation from a Basic User.

    I already have many time being user of Recordings Video (Cameras, VHS, DVDs, etc.), and for that reason I have cheered up to intervene in the Forum.

    I send my opinion in English and Spanish:

    a.- The Manual:
    a.1.- Problems:
    The Manual is very bad. it is confused, disjointed, ncomplete
    and bad designed.
    b.1.- Solution: Redrawing and rewriting it.

    b.- The remote control:

    b.1.- Problems:

    The problems of the Remote Control are
    important, because in the DRM-2001G
    everything or almost everything is made
    for the buttons of the Remote control.
    b.1.a.- Several buttons has more than a function
    and that confuses.
    b.1.b.- The buttons of the remote Control,
    are extremely small and they are very
    side-by-side, for that reason it is very
    easy press a wrong button.
    b.1.c.- The Buttons are located wrong.
    Need reorder the ubication for
    better use.
    They allow to press by mistake, buttons
    with different functions to which
    it want to carry out.
    b.1.d.- the capture of the sign emitted by
    the Remote Control is not good.
    There are times it is necessary to press
    one, two or more times the same button,
    so that the function is executed.
    it is possible that the angle of capture
    and the force of the sign are very bad.
    b.1.f.- The speed to action is slow.
    There are times the answer is so slow
    that I think that the sign was not
    I press the same button again and it
    accept the two order....a problem.

    b.2.- The Remote Control Ideas of Solucion:

    b.2.a.- Increase the force of the sign.
    b.2.b.- Increase the angle of capture.
    b.2.c.- Modify the software.
    The software should allow to execute the
    actions by being navigating between menus.
    using the buttons of Arrows (UP, DOWN,
    Right, Left) and the Button "OK".
    Similar to has the TIVO and many software
    current PCs, CellPhones, etc.).

    c.- Burn DVDs:

    c.1.- Problems Burn DVDs:

    c.1.a.- When you are ordered record the DVD,
    there is not information on the process.
    Due to the above-mentioned, and in function
    of the quality and duration of the video
    to record, it is necessary to calculate
    the time of recording based on:
    c.1.b.- When is finish recording the DVD (-R,-WR
    and +R), it is necessary to execute the:
    c.1.c.- A DVD recorded in the DRM-2001G when
    is seeing in the same DRM-2001G, and
    press the Boton FWD, it is able to
    obtaining quick speeds of 2, 4, 16 32.
    The same DVD reproduced in other DVD play
    (example: Phillips DVP 3050v), and press
    the Boton FWD, alone speeds are obtained
    from 2 and 232 (40 minutes of video in
    less 10 seconds). There are not
    intermedies speeds.
    Solution: an informative display.
    Solution: An option, for the user (if he/she want),
    order that executed automatically the FINALICE,
    once finished the recording of the DVD.

    d.- The Write from TV Programs to the Hard Disk
    works well.
    e.- The write from VHS to the Hard Disk works
    f.- The quality of video is very well.
    g.- The price is relatively cheap
    ($US 219.oo + tax --> Walt Mart).
    I read that somebody said:
    "you get what you pay for"
    The DRM-2001G is cheap, it is true.
    The troubles that it has do not stop
    the operation.
    But, have problems and many users (as me)
    look for an operation "simple" and "sure".
    I hope that POLAROIID solution THAT problems,
    because I believe that the video is very well.

    I will continue analyzing it.

    Note Additional:
    I have a TIVO Serie2 HUMAX.
    I have a problem:
    it don't record DVDs that they are superiors 4X
    (is posibles is only my device).
    ? does somebody know how do I be able to [upgrade]
    their DVD Writer, so that do it allow me to record
    DVDs -R 8X/16X?
    Because once they no longer exist in the market
    the DVD-R 2X or 4X,
    my tivo go to garbage,

    thank you


    DRM-2001G: Evaluacion de un Usuario Basico.

    Tengo ya algun tiempo siendo usuario de Grabaciones
    de Video (Cameras, VHS, DVDs, etc.), y por eso
    me he animado a intervenir en el Forum.
    Mi idioma materno no es el Ingles, por eso disculpen
    los posibles errores gramaticales.
    Leo bien el Ingles, pero no lo escribo muy bien.
    Envio mi opinion en Ingles y Castellano:

    a.- El Manual:
    a.1.- Problemas:
    El Manual esta muy mal hecho.
    Es confuso, desarticulado, incompleto y
    mal disenado.
    a.2.- Solucion: Re-disenarlo y re-escribirlo.

    b.- El control remoto:

    b.1.- El control remoto Problemas:

    b.1.a.- Los problemas del Control Remoto son
    importantes, porque dada las caracteristicas
    del software/hardware, todo o casi todo en el
    DRM-2001G se hace por los botones del
    Control Remoto.
    Hay que invertir bastante tiempo en aprender
    el uso de todos ellos (y son bastantes).
    b.1.b.- Varios botones tienen mas de una funcion
    y eso confunde.
    b.1.c.- Los botones del Control remoto,
    son sumamente pequenos y estan muy juntos,
    por eso es facil presionar dos o mas
    de ellos.
    b.1.d.- Los Botones estan mal ubicados.
    Permiten apretar por error, botones
    con funciones diferentes a las que se
    quiere realizar.
    b.1.e.- La captura de la senal emitida por
    el Control Remoto no es buena.
    Hay veces hay que presionar mas de una vez
    el mismo boton, para que la funcion se ejecute.
    b.1.f.- La velocidad de respuesta es lenta.
    Hay veces la respuesta es tan lenta que
    pienso que la senal no fue captada.
    Presiono otra vez el mismo boton
    y acepta las dos ordenes (ejemplo: al
    ordenar el tiempo de grabacion en el HD).

    b.2.- El control remoto Ideas de Solucion:

    b.2.a.- Aumentar la fuerza de la senal.
    b.2.b.- Aumentar el angulo de captura.
    b.2.c.- Modificar el software.
    Que el software permita navegar y ejecutar
    la operacion a travez de Menus,
    usando basicamente los botones de Flechas
    UP, DOWN, Derecha e Izquierda y su tecla OK.
    Similar a como lo tiene el TIVO y casi
    todo el software actual PCs,Telefonos,tc.).

    c.- Grabacion de DVDs:

    c.1.Grabacion de DVDs Problemas:

    c.1.a.- Cuando se ordena grabar el DVD,
    no hay informacion sobre el proceso.
    Debido a lo anterior, y en funcion de la
    calidad y duracion del video a grabar,
    hay que calcular el tiempo de grabacion
    en base a .. "experiencia" ....
    c.1.b.- Cuando termina de grabar el DVD (-R,
    -WR y +R), hay que ejecutar el FINALICE.
    c.1.c.- Un DVD grabado en el DRM-2001G cuando
    se esta viendo en el mismo DRM-2001G, y
    se presioma el Boton FWD, se pueden
    obtener velocidades rapida de 2, 4, 16 y 32.
    El mismo DVD reproducido en otro display
    (ejemplo: Phillips DVP 3050v), y se presioma
    el Boton FWD, solo se obtienen velocidades
    de 2 y 232 (40 minutos de video en menos
    de 10 segundos (no se ver velocidades

    c.2.- Soluciones:
    c.2.a.- Un display informativo del proceso de
    grabacion del DVD.
    c.2.b.- Una opcion, para el usuario
    que asi lo desee, que ordene que el
    FINALICE se ejecute automaticamente,
    una vez terminada la grabacion del DVD.
    c.2.c.- Solucionar el problema de grabacion.

    d.- La Grabacion de Programas de TV en el Disco
    Duro funciona bien.
    e.- La GRabacion de VHS al Disco Duro funciona
    f.- La calidad del video grabado (Hard Disk y
    DVD es muy buena.
    g.- El equipo es relativamente barato
    ($US 2190.oo + tax --> Walt Mart).
    Lei que alguien dijo:
    "la calidad que se recibe, depende del
    precio que se paga"

    El equipo es relativamente barato, es cierto,
    pero algunos de los problemas enunciados
    son bastantes molestos, sobre todo para
    un usuario sin mucha experiencia o tiempo.
    Yo como usuario busco una operacion sencilla,
    segura y de calidad.

    Si POLAROID soluciona lo anterior, en la futuras
    versiones del DRM-2001G, creo que habra conseguido
    una excelente maquina, porque la calidad del video
    es muy buena.

    All is possible
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    I am sorry about my TIVO note.
    It is in my original document a i forget delete.
    I be find other forum for that.
    All is possible
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  16. I posted this on another site so I thought I'd post it here as well.

    As it relates to copy protection I found an unusual combination with the 2001G. I tried playing a number of DVD players into the 2001G and all except one engaged the copy protection of the 2001G. The only exception was a Philips 642 (feb 2004 build with original firmware). The 2001G is able to record all DVDs played on the 642. This worked on all inputs of the 2001G.

    This same Philips 642 engaged the copy protection on all the other DVD recorders I have.
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  17. Good news. I posted this on another site so I thought I would share it here.

    For the few of you who have invested in this very cheap low end HDD recorder it appears to be not only plug and play hard drive upgradeable but also plug and play burner upgradeable.

    Both of the following dvd burners work when installed in the 2001G. The easy part is that the 2001G uses standard IDE cables. The two drives I tested were:

    Sony DW-Q30A (9-05 production date) and a BTC D33040 (11-03 production date).

    I only had 4 drives laying around to test and these two worked perfectly. The Sony is a Lite-On I believe.

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  18. I just bought one of these yesterday. trying to transfer off the HDD to DVD in HDD menu I select my items and then hit record it will only record one or two items nothing more what am I missing?
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    Maybe the wrong record speed...
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  20. More feed back, It is noisy, gets hot and slow to boot. Also when I record from componant back it puts a logo in the lower right corner looks like a timer logo. One other thing I like it to go to the last screen when I turned it off it doesn't , every time I have to change with remote. The playback quality is only good if it records in HQ. I record sport with lots of movement and action if I record on slow even sp+ I get pixelation. Remote is not good at all. Maybe it worth for few good thing it does.
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  21. Originally Posted by INFRATOM
    More feed back, It is noisy, gets hot and slow to boot. Also when I record from componant back it puts a logo in the lower right corner looks like a timer logo. One other thing I like it to go to the last screen when I turned it off it doesn't , every time I have to change with remote. The playback quality is only good if it records in HQ. I record sport with lots of movement and action if I record on slow even sp+ I get pixelation. Remote is not good at all. Maybe it worth for few good thing it does.
    Some of these units are noisy especially the first ones that were distributed. I find mine no more noisy than any of my other recorders.

    Most if not all DVD recorders get hot. It is important to make sure there is proper ventilation. I find my unit no hotter than any other recorders I have with a hard drive. If you open it up you will see three circuit boards, a hard drive and a DVD burner. The hard drive and burner will generate a lot of heat. But these are standard componants that run no hotter than others.

    Not sure what you mean about a logo. If you are using the timer record feature then a logo will be on the screen but this will not be on the recorded material.

    It is easy to default to an input source for when you turn the unit on. It is in the setup menu under timeshift. "TimeShift default source" will allow you to set this with either time shift on or off.

    The recording quality on mine is exceptional. It has an LSI chipset which is the best in the business.

    Boot up time appears normal to me. I actually have non hard drive recorders that seem to take longer (Toshiba Kr2 and R5 for example). Boot up time is a common complaint with recorders. Again this one seems normal to me.

    As for the remote some of the early units had poor remotes. The first one I tried had a very limited range. The second one I tried had very good range.

    Sounds like you may have a bad unit. Too bad. Perhaps you should return it and try a newer one and give it another go.
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    I called Polaroid and asked about Manufacture date...
    A=Jan, B=Feb..etc...
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  23. The logo I was talking about is the timer logo, when I record from back yuv / componant input using timer it shows on TV and it also gets recorded, when I playback it shows. Thanks I'll check the time shift setting
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    I have been happy with my unit until today. I had recorded a program on the hard drive and wanted to transfer it to DVD to watch in another room. I went the the HDD menu and selected the add/clear and went through the process to burn the program onto the disk. I know that it is on the disk as I could access it with my computer and on the Polaroid unit. However, it registered as a "bad" disk on my other player. Is there anything I can do to change the way I am burning the disk in order to playback the DVD's on my other player. If not, the machine really isn't much help to me as the idea was to be able to record programs to watch later on the other machine. Thanks to anybody who can give me some help!!
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  25. Rip it to your computer HD, edit author and burn. MUCH more compatible DVD that way.
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  26. Have you tried different media ? +R +RW ?
    Have you finalized the disk ?
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    Thanks for all the info on the polaroid DVD recorder. Bought one last Thurs and successfully copied VHS to DVD. The problem is the prerecorded VHS tapes I already own and want to convert. I assume this is a macrovision problem. Some of these tapes were purchased in the 80s and 90s. Is there any way around this? Would an old VCR let me bypass macrovision and if so anybody know how old the VCR needs to be?
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    I have been using RW+ media, and I'm not sure if I "finalized" correctly. I do know that the information is on the disk becasue I could view it on the Polaroid as well as on my computer - just not on my other DVD player. What is required to "finalize" the disk? Maybe I missed something!

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  29. I just checked my Polaroid. You can't finalize a +RW. Apparently you don't need to.

    I think your player is just being picky. You really can't do much on the recorder side to change things.

    You may want to try -RW and finalize it before playing on your player.

    With the dvd player in the player
    -On the remote press the DVD button
    -Press Up
    -Press the right arrow button. The menu appears
    -Press the down button to finalize disc
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