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  1. My MoBo burned up last year some time so I got another and a CPU to go. A few months later I was switching from IDE ribbon to round cables and now all that Windows sees are the "c" and "a" drives. I had 2 DVD and 2 Hard drives. So since then I haven't used a CD/DVD...unbelievable eh?

    Currently I have
    Thoroughbred socket A running 1466 MHz
    MB is MSI KM400

    I can use external enclosures for HD's but not cd/dvd's. Device mgr shows name and model for DVD's but has error icons and cannot find them. On boot up I see the model and name of each extra HD or DVD but when windows comes up nothing can be found.

    I thought an enlcosure kit for DVD drives would solve part of this problem and be seen as a USB drive like my SD flash memory, Digi cam, DV camcorder or other hard drives are seen but no luck. I noticed in Device Mgr it shows up with the other DVD drives instead of with the USB drives at the bottom of the list. I couldn't help but wonder if windows doesn't see them, then whey are they showing up in device mgr?

    I get this msg when booting up. I later found it is part of Plextor and can't find a way of preventing it from popping up.
    "Error: no devices found
    Dear user,
    This software could not detect any devices.
    They may be not installed, not installed properly or not working due to failure of the hardware.
    Also please make sure you have administrator rights.
    For more information, plese use the print buton and follow the instruction on the pirnt-out."(sp included)

    The DVD drives work in other sys and everything else I tried seems to check out ok inlcuding the cables. The only thing I can think of is is MS has got something to do with it. Am I required to get a new XP home with the new mobo? I also loaded sp2 when I put it together.

    The MoBo/CPU aren't able to handle Adobe Premier anyway so I'm looking at building a new system cheap just to get by the "no devices found" problem and then go higher end later.

    At this point this is all I need and what I'm looking at getting. I'm stuck on the PSU and not sure what to get. Anyone have a good recommendation for a PSU? I'm also hoping the Premier will work on this build. I don't do any gaming so that part of video isn't an issue.

    MOBO $50

    CPU $80

    RAM Dual 512GB OCZ $81
    not sure if Mirrored Platinum Copper Heatspreader is better than just copper or not.

    Video $40

    PSU $60
    I put this in my dad's sys and it has been good so far. A bear to work with and I'm not sure there's enough power for 2 each of DVD and HD's plus externa enclosures.

    Any advice?

    Thank you
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    you could try cleaning the registry. you may have changed or uninstalled some software that left crap in the registry. this might work.

    as for the p.s. it should be fine.
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  3. You said you swapped out the drive cables, did it work before the swap? Maybe just a cable issue.

    Are all drives set to cable select? If so, I'd experiment and set the jumpers on each drive in the old "master-slave" fashion (e.g. set both hard drives to "master" jumpers, set both DVD drives to "slave," and connect them that way). I have had a couple drives where the cable select setting just didn't work, for some reason, and made the entire system go flaky.

    EDIT: Wait, you said "external enclosures," are your external boxes USB? Could be a flaky driver (system), or it could still be a jumper setting issue. If you're running external USB enclosures, if the drives are set with the jumper in the "master" setting (e.g. if they're set as "cable select"), try setting them to master.
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    Next question is... Are your round cables ATA133 80-conductor cables?
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