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    So I have this VIDEO_TS folder that contains a DL video.
    Rather than CCE 6-pass to one DVD-R I wanted to just split for 2 DVDs and keep menus.
    I ran into this guide here that uses VobBlanker.
    It seems simple enough, but I cant really follow these instructions well.
    Either I have missing files ( which I dont see possible since my file is complete and I watched it today ) or this tutorial is out of date as to the updated software.
    Can someone explain this in better detail please.

    When I load the DVD as it says, I do not get what is shown in the image shown.Also the drop down have changed and not sure if I am doing it right by guessing.Fact, I dont get much of anything shown in those images.Maybe a new one can be done by someone who knows this DVD splitting ?

    Thanks in advance to those who help
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    I believe that DVDFab and/or CloneDVD can do this fairly easily.

    Or you could use VOBBlanker to blank everything you want on Disc 2 and then output, then reopen original files and blank everything on disc 1 and then output.
    If in doubt, Google it.
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