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  1. Hi! I have a .avi file with Divx 5 codec. It's a tv show and is about 150MB. I want to run it through Virtualdubmod and clean it up with filters. Then eventually burn it to DVD.

    So far I've been able to:

    1. Load the .avi file into Virtualdubmod,
    2. Select the filters that will work the best,
    3. Frame serve through CCE SP.

    However, about half way into saving the file in MPEG-2 for DVD format, the program locks up because it says the audio is too short for the video. This happens every time (even though Virtual Error Checker finds no problems with the .avi file).

    So, it looks like I'm going to have to demux and encode the video with CCE SP, without the audio. My two questions are:

    1. What's a good way to demux an .avi file (note: I tried Avidemux and couldn't for the life of me get it to demux), and

    2. Once the video is re-encoded with CCE SP, how would I get the separate audio file to match the new MPEG-2 video file when I remux? The two files will be different sizes.

    Confused here.

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    My personal favorite is quite rare these days:

    Muxes & Demuxes just about anything within an AVI.

    BTW, why are you using VDubMod? Since it's a DivX, why not just Vdub, should work just as well (if not more stable). Then you can clearly OMIT the audio.

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    What I do is save out the audio as a WAV in VDM with full processing, convert that to AC3 with ffmpeggui then encode the video by itself. Then when I author them with TMPGEnc DVD Author, I select the new MPEG-2 video and the AC3 audio for the video and audio inputs. I have never had any sync problems this way unless the original file is messed up. This is also a good method when you run into MP3 VBR audio and you are encoding to MPEG-2.
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