I have a Panasonic sc-ht790v home theater all in one unit with the DVD, VHS, Tuner and 5 speakers. I bought it from Costco on closeout about 2 years ago for around $300 with a $100 rebate and for $200 net it's been a decent system for the money although the speakers can't handle too much power when it comes to playing music.

However, I recently started to get the H02 error and no disk error when trying to play a DVD or a CD. Fortunately, I found this forum here and found the solution since it looks like tons of Panasonic units seem to have the same problem from about 91 days after purchase ;oP

Anyway, the simple solution to my unit was:

1. Power off the unit.
2. Remove the 4 phillips screws (two in back bottom corners and two on front side bottom corners
3. lift the case up from the back while pulling out a bit then slide the case backwards a bit to remove.
4. Powered on the unit.
5. press eject on the DVD and put in a DVD and close the DVD drawer
6. DVD will start to try to read but won't spin.
7. You have to be fairly quick before you get the H02 error so while looking at the top of the exposed DVD player there is a round white plastic piece (about the size of a US quarter or 50 cent piece) take your finger and give it a gentle clockwise spin and it should start to spin on its own. This piece is connected to the "DVD spindle" I believe.
8. The DVD should then play. If not then repeat the process a couple of times.
9. Also, while I had the case open I then used some "canned" air to blow all the dust out.
10. This "kick" start solution works because from what I've read online Panasonic made these DVD units non-direct drive and have some kind of brushless motors in them and they fail to a high degree and need a "kick" start to get them working again - although this is a somewhat temporary fix.
11. So far I've only had to do this twice now after playing about 10 DVD's. My guess is the motor will eventually die soon but for now it's a cheap fix and I just leave the screws out of my case and nothing on top so that I can remove the case pretty quickly and give the spindle a kick start if needed.
Here's the link where I found the original information.

I hope this helps some of you with the same problem.


BTW: I contact Panasonic tech support via online to ask what to do to solve this problem and they told me to unplug the power and plug it back in and turn the unit on. Don't you just love 1st tier tech support. YIKES! I also asked them for the part # of the DVD drive because I intend to replace the drive myself but no reply back yet from that email.