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  1. hi all

    I downloaded the K-Lite Codec Pack which includes Media Player Classic. Problem is, all the files it plays are upside down! In the FAQ, it says to set the Options > Playback > Output, to "Overlay Mixer" to fix it but it already IS set to that. anyone got any ideas what else I can try?


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  2. Originally Posted by djdust
    I downloaded the K-Lite Codec Pack
    There's your problem.
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  3. that was helpful. anyone else?
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    codec packs are not the way to go. only install known good codecs individually and only if you really need it. too many bad ones out there. which jagabo alluded to. uninstall them all.
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  5. Upside down video is a classic sign of the codec not working harmoniously with the media player. When the codec creates the video frame, if it is in RGB format (rather than YUV), it must be properly tagged as an "upside-down device independent bitmap". It's a pain in the ar$e to deal with but not difficult. Sounds like slopping programming to me.

    To quote Microsoft's article:

    The scanlines are stored upside down, with the first scan (scan 0) in memory being the bottommost scan in the image.
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    Some codecs have a setting that lets you compensate for the problem, Xvid for example.
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