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  1. I have Gateway 825GM MC desktop. I got a new video card to update ATI x300 SE originally installed on the system. The new card is Asus Extreme AX600XT HTVD, based on ATI X600 video chip:

    I followed the installation instructions for video card upgrade (uninstalling old video driver, pulling out the old card, putting in the new one, and installing new video driver) but I keep having a problem having the card to work porperly. When I powered up the PC the first time after installing the new card, everything worked fine in that monitor was working properly, the system was up, and I was asked to install new video drives. After installina and rebooting the PC, however, the computer keeps crashing (restarting and not moving past the initial Windows screen) and the image on the screen, after being fine for a few seconds, dissapears and then reappears as either few white dots at the bottom or heavily distorted/scrambled color pattern. The only way I can get the display to work is to log on using Windows Safe log in, or Windows Enable VGA Options log in. But even then, the moment I try changing display settings (especialy when unig Windows Enable VGA login mode)l , the PC crashes and I'm back to square one. I have tried uninstalling the driver and additional ATI features, reinstalling it again, installing just ATI driver without ASUS enhancements etc. but, ultimately, the problem remains. I have also updated BIOS, but it didn't help.

    What am I doing wrong? Anything I should be mindful of and I'm not? Could it be that the card is defective, or incompatible with my system? ?When i install the card and turn on the PC, the card is powered up and works (fan spins and blue light is on), so at least that is OK. But the rest is frustratingly out of whack.

    When i put my old card back the system is working fine and I have no problems whatsoever (so I'm assuming it's not the PC)

    I'd really like to get this card working on my PC, so any advice or suggestion is most welcome.

    My sistem is at follows:

    Mainboard: Intel Corporation (D915GSE)
    Chipset: Intel i915P
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 550 @ 3400 MHz
    Physical Memory: 1024 MB (2 x 512 DDR-SDRAM )
    Monitor Type: BenQ FP71E - 17 inchs
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professionnal 5.01.2600 Service Pack 2
    DirectX: Version 9.0c

    More info on the ststem can be found here:

    The card is connected to the monitor via DVI (there is no VGA output on the card).
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  2. Have u tried RMA'ing your card and just getting a new one? Sometimes things just get damaged.

    Also, since you bought yours from Gateway, have u contacted them? I'm sure their tech support isn't great, but they may know of an undocumented/non-publically available workaround.

    I had a happaugage Win-500 MCE card that I was racking my brain over - turned out the card was just nad. Send it back - eat the shipping, and hope for the best!

    Good luck!
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  3. After trying to figure out the problem for a few days, I decided that the best thing to do was to RMA the card to ASUS. Hopefully, they will either fix it or figure out what's wrong with it. One of their tech people was suggesting that perhaps may PC does not have sufficient power supply, but I don't think that's the case. ASUS' RMA turnaround is ten business days, so I'm still waiting for the card, but if they stick to their own rules it should be shipped back to me tomorrow. So I'm hoping to have it back - new or repaired - by the end of this week. Once I get it, I'll give it a try again and hopefully all will be fixed.
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    I would not be supprised if a poor PSU was the culprit, although I do not know how much more power your new card draws over your old one, as I am not that familar with that particular line of ATI cards. Another thing you could try is Driver Cleaner (when you get your new card). It is a program that removes all reminants of old (video/sound/chipset) drivers, allowing for a clean install of a new set. I have used the program (though it was an older version) and it saved me lots of trouble.

    You might also want to considter trying different ATI driver versions. Sometimes the latest version can be buggy. I would also recommmend against using the asus drivers, as ATI's are more likely to be up to date.
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  5. Thanks for the advice and info on Driver Cleaner. I will certainly give it a try once I get my card back, and report how things go with the new installation.
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