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    I have tried using the default and the generic -mmc. During the test with the generic -mmc, I gave my machine about a half hour to complete its computing, then tried to end the process and shut down the program. This did not work and I resorted to restarting my machine to regain control of my computer. I would continue testing out different drivers, but sometimes asking the question is a more efficient use of time.

    When I examined the list of disc drives provided by vcdeasy, I did not find mine. Does that mean that mine is not compatable?

    So my question is, which driver do I use with this disc drive - Pioneer, DVD -RW DVR -K14L
    I am using VCDeasy Does the newest version have more updated drivers?
    I appreciate all help given in answering this question.
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    VCDEasy is up to v 3.1.0 now, and yes it DOES have updated drivers for new burners, quite a bit more. The commercial version is worth the price of admission, IMHO.

    If you don't want to go that route (or even if you do), you'll want to try the "generic-mmc-raw" profile. It seems to be pretty foolproof for the drives I've used.

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