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  1. I avoid and rarely use WMV for obvious reasons

    ive noticed that some downloads are WMV that don't play on a mac and might have a license.

    this must be some sort of DRM from the Soft.

    but if people up and down load them, what does the license restrict? how does it work?

    Apples DMR Ive read about but not this.

    as ask in an 'academic' sense as its interesting to see the two sides to this problem work back and forth: plan A, 'hack'A, b then b etc if this is the correct use of hack


    hope the new ProMac comes soon!!!!!!

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    The license restricts to the type of Hardware the encoding
    computer has. So for instance, it might be looking for
    a specific processor chip, motherboard type, and/or video card.

    In many other cases, if it is redisturbted from a "pay site" it
    might be asking you to download the "license" ( think cookie)
    that was attached to the file when the original user bought it.
    see here:

    welcome to M$ DRM!
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    I think a lot of Windows Media DRM content is distributed on file sharing systems because it is understood eventually you'll acquire the tools to break the DRM.
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