I was recently in India, shooting among other things footage of the Holi-festival, famous for the throwing of colored powders.

In one instance, I got quite a bit of color all over myself and the camera, which resulted in some errors while recording on the media. The errors in the video are tolerable, but the audio suffers quite a bit, spiking snaps and pops in some places. Here's a sample audio in WAV format (6.12 MB). Please let me know at your if you have ideas on what I could do about this. The length of the audio must remain the same.

If I have to edit those bits out, we'll be losing some awesome clips of clouds of color settling down... Of course I could then just remove the audio and leave the video, but I'd much prefer if the audio could be at least somewhat restored.


For the curious - check out an earlier Holi-release (free download).