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    hello, i need to know how i can delete the audio(track?) from a video file then add the edited audio back? ,here is what i did i used "goldwave" to exract mpg audio from video then "re-did/edited"" the same audio ,now i want to add the new"edited" audio to the same video ,but delete the "old" audio.i want to burn it to a standard dvd. the tools i am using/used , i used virtual dub to capture,Tmpgenc to encode/compress, goldwave to "edit' the audio and use nero burning rom to "burn it" to dvd. any info would be great.thanx in advance.
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  2. Hi-

    So it's a DVD now, and you want to replace the audio? If so, put it back onto the hard drive using Drag-And-Drop or DVD Decrypter or whatever. Demux with PGCEdit, making sure to get the video. When done you'll have audio, video, celltimes.txt (with chapters, if any), and a SUP file or several for the subs (if any).

    Reauthor using Muxman, replacing the old audio with the new audio. If there's no menu, then you're done. If there's a menu and maybe other stuff, then open the original DVD in VobBlanker and highlight the video you're working on. It'll show up in the lower screen. Highlight it in the lower screen and hit the "Replace" button to the right. Scroll to the DVD with the new audio and give it a destination. Hit "Process", wait a few minutes, and test it out.
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