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  1. I've a problem I'm trying to put 10 avi clips (xvid) to 1 dvd. I've over come some problems like out of sync and lost fames. But finaly I got all 10 clips in sync on dvd BUT att least one of the clips has much lower volum then the rest.
    So what I need help with is setting the volum of all the files to the same db (more or less) is there any program that lets me see what the average loudness is in each file (I could then change the volum manualy in VitrualDub) or some program that I can run all the clips thru and end up with the same volum in all of them.
    This is ofcourse so I don't have to increase or decrease the volum on the tv/amp when I'm watching the dvd.
    GSpot gives me this about audio
    file 1. 135 kb/s (67/ch, stereo) VBR LAME3.96 48000 Hz (most other files are like this one)
    file 4. 128 kb/s (64/ch, stereo) VBR LAME3.96r¯ 48000hz (this one I had sync prob)
    file 7. 142 kb/s (71/ch, stereo) VBR LAME3.96 48000 Hz (this is the one with less volum)

    I've also extracted to waw with virtual dub and converted all the files to mpg (because of the sync problem) so I've got this in more then one format
    So what is the best program for this ????
    Pleace help
    The only thing I've come up with so far is to manualy do this in Virtualdub but that's not accurat methot
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  2. You can use Audacity to boost volume for a section of WAV or MP3,I think Goldwave will also work.
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  3. thx I see that MP3Gain is also some thing I can use and I just analysed 3 files with that and the results are
    File 1 volum 86
    File 4 volum 88,2
    File 7 volum 73,2

    If this works then I'll be very happy thx
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