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  1. Hello guys!!!

    I have around 500 backed up movies from my personal dvd collection inside my pc.

    Does anyone knows a software that " emulate" or actually act as a video movie server in my pc???

    What I am thinkink of is something like a software that allows me to see all the movies (maybe separated by categories...) I have stored, choose one of them , and load it to watch it.

    Thanxs in advance

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    You don't say whether you are on a MAC or PC

    if you're on MACINTOSH, the newest APPLE COMPUTERS are USING SMART FOLDERS in OS X that will allow a FOLDER placed on the desktop to automatically contain any movie you ever make on the machine (or transfer to it) by being a "SELF - UPDATING" folder.

    also new APPLE's have a sort of HOME THEATRE organizer built into OS X 4.5 (or such)
    This "FRONT ROW" application organizes any video put in a special folder called "MOVIES" that has already existed in the MAC USERS FOLDER in OS X.
    Using a REMOTE supplied with the computer, you can play all your movies without a MOUSE (using the remote)
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    how have you backed up them? avi, dvd-video folders,iso files?

    media center tools can automatically categories files on your for example Media Portal, SageTV
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  4. Hello my friends...thanxs for the fast reply...

    Actually I have a standart PC with Windows XP and 03 x 300gb hard disks where I store the movies that are all encoded to high quality (xvid, divx) avi files...

    Hope to hear from you guys soon!!!

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  5. gb-pvr w/ movies plugin would also be a good free one to check out.
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