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    Here is the thing when I click on this wma that I have, the file doesn't play and a webpage is opened with this message:

    A license is required to play this file

    The file you are trying to play was ripped (copied) from an audio CD.

    During the ripping process, the file was "protected." This limits the number of computers on which the file can be played.

    To play the file on this computer, you must download a license (a process known as "license migration"). A license acts an electronic key that allows you to "unlock" a protected file and play it.

    To download a license for this file, click Download License.

    [Download Liscence]

    It's a official windows website. When I click it then the following message comes up:

    The license cannot be downloaded because the license has already been downloaded 10 times.

    For more information about protected files and license migration, see the Windows Media Player FAQ page.

    I was wondering if there was anyway to "unprotect" the file so that I can play it and more importantly turn into a .mp3

    Thanks and bye
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    If your wma is protected u have to convert it to something else (I prefer mp3 or wav!). And I use the best converter I've found on-line - SPAM It removes protection quickly! 8)
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