Yesterday, I purchased Pixel view PlayTV@P7000 for viewing TV and recording programs on my PC. The Product is working all right. However, when I checked Prolink website for the latest drivers update I found it is available. I have downloaded but I donít know how to update the existing drivers and software without uninstalling the original. I have already registered the original software. I am afraid that the program. if uninstalled during updating with the new update available in your website, will stop working. Kindly advise me how to update the original software/drivers.
The scheduler program does not have a feature for taking shutdown of the PC/standby of the PC etc after recording a program. Is it true? Or, can I introduce this feature? I have been using Honestech program in PlayTV Pro 2 and this allows for taking shutdown of the PC after the scheduled recording is over. Kindly clarify on this feature.
Thanking you in advance.