I'm curious about something.
I recently bought the RCA D52W23 52" HDTV... and i know it's a cheap TV but it's giving me awesome performance so i have nothing to complain. The picture is crystal clear and i have no problems with it at all.

I use AR Component Cables to hook up my DVD Player to my TV.
And i use DVI to hook up my HD Cable Box to my TV.

I ran the HDTV Setup Wizard on my Cable Box (Time Warner / Scientific Atlanta) after i hooked up my Cable Box to my TV, using the DVI Cable. In the Setup i found that 1080i, 480i & 480p were brilliantly visible on the TV, and so added those to my selection. After which the Setup Wizard informed me that i will be able to choose one of my selections from the "Settings" menu whenever i'm seeing my Cable TV.

The problem is, when i go into the Settings menu while watching Cable on my TV, i get 480i & 480p in the options... but i don't get 1080i in the options.

The picture is perfect and its' crystal clear... i dont' have any problems... but i'm curious why i'm not able to see 1080i in my Setting Menu for the Cable Box. This TV natively supports the 1080i format... and i was able to view it & add it during the Setup Wizard. The only problems i had viewing were the 720 formats so i never added them. 1080 & 480 were fine.

So where did the 1080i format go?