I have been trying to convert a bunch of mkv files to dvd format and am having a few problems. First I split the files with mkvextract, this left me with an avi, a srt and 2 acc files. This is where I started to have problems, I have read many guides on the internet but still donít know whether the video is interlaced or progressive? According to GSPOT the fps of the avi file is 29.971 but I donít know if I have to take this into account when encoding.
I will be encoding with CCE and first had the problem of CCE not detecting the DX50 codec for I used fourcc changer to change DX50 to DIVX.
I then used GoldWave to open the aac files and then saved them as Wav files and then used ffmpeggui to convert to ac3. The problem is that after encoding, the audio is lots longer than video. Is this due to changing the sample rate of the audio? The original aac files have a sample rate of 44100 and I have changed it to 48000 using ffmpeggui.
Also I notice that the encoded audio files are much quieter than the original.

Any help is appreciated and if any more info is required just say.