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  1. Does anyone have this player? I just ordered one on sale from Best Buy. I have a samsung 7" but wanted a player that would do Divx. It was between this and the Phillips Pet724. But I made a fatal error I assumed all these players would play back Divx files ffrom DVD's is this not the case? I see it mainly said they'll play back from CD Media. I'm mainly interested in putting like 4 movies on one DVD-R disk. Is this able to be done?
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    Are you sure that's the right model number? Google brings no results for it of use:,GGLG:2006-06,GGLG:en...Toshiba+DP1850

    In any case - if it plays DVD-Video discs it'll play DVD Divx discs if it says it supports divx.
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  3. I actually Ended up trying thr Phillips 7" Pet724. It plays DIvx movies extremely well But I think I'm returning it for a couple of reasons, one the screen is good but it's one of those screens where you cannotice scanlines pretty severely. I had a cyberhome once that did the same, perhaps thesign of a lower quality LCD? I compared tomy Samsung l70 and it has a really nicer smoother image the movies lookfilmlike and not video-like.
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