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    How can I convert audio from 23.976 and 29.97 to 25FPS for PAL without loss of quality ?


    1) from 23.976 to 25
    2) from 29.76 to 25

    I know that I can do -ota( -r 23970 25000 ) but it sounds slow and drawn out, sounds not very good manly when I try to convert 29.97 to 25 FPS

    I made a search in google an found this :

    -ota( -r 960 1001 -G max )

    but it doesn't make any sense to me
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  2. 23.976 just speed up 4% to 25fps for PAL. It should sound faster. For 29.976, I leave it alone. Just change the video and leave the audio alone. The audio takes up the same amount of time, just fewer frames.

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