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  1. My car has a DVD-Audio player so I was wondering if it is possible to author a DVD-A (DVD Audio) disk. I found one program but it only accepts WAV files. All of my music are in the MP3 format, so I am looking for software that can convert and burn the MP3 files on to a DVD and make it an DVD-A.

    Apparently DVD-A disk may fit up to 6 CDs into a DVD-A disk. It would only be Stereo, but still it is much better then one CD.
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    used this prog for several years now easy/makes perfect dvd audio even 5:1
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  3. Thanks.

    I found that app and another one yesterday, but I think you are confusing the Audio DVD with DVD Audio.

    It even states in the home page of the Audio DVD Creator.

    "Please note: Audio DVD should not be confused with DVD-Audio, for which you need a special player and discs!"

    I am looking for DVD-Audio authoring.

    Some think like this but for MP3s - . This one works only with WAV files
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    That's NOT the kind of disc suppafreak is talking about. Notice that on the Audio-DVD-Creator website, it says
    play it on any DVD player since it's DVD-Video compliant
    This means it's making a "DVD-Video" type disc, not a "DVD-Audio" type disc, whether they call it that or not (for marketing purposes) is beside the point.

    There are only a few apps that can create DVD-Audio type discs. Most are expensive. Minnetonka's discWelder series is probably the most popular--they have a $99, $495 and a $2995 version. There website is HERE.

    Alternately, there is a freeware DVD-Audio Tools site--HERE, but it hasn't been updated recently. Also, not as easy/straightforward to author.

    Once you've authored the AUDIO_TS files/ISO, you would use a DVD disc burning app (like Nero, etc).

    Nonetheless, you're going to have to convert those mp3's to WAV anyway. DVD-Audio expects LPCM, so it couldn't use mp3 anyway without converting 1st (whether in the program or before). Remember, the whole thing about DVD-Audio is quality.
    If you can't get your original WAV versions of those clips, there are plenty of tools <-- here and on the net that'll convert mp3 to WAV.

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