TV: Sony KDL-40S2000 (40Ē LCD HDTV)
Video card: EVGA 7800 GT (2 DVI outputs &composite/component/s-video)
TV and computer operating in clone mode; computer is primary
Fullscreen enabled on secondary display

Iím currently experiencing a strange problem. When I run video from my DVI out into the HDMI input of my TV, Iím not able to play videos. I normally play a lot of MPEG/AVI/Real videos from my computer on to the TV, but it just wonít work with DVI. Windows and even games seem to work fine, but the videos just arenít working. Iíve tried using Winamp/Media player/ VLC player. When I play a video using winamp, I see the regular small video display box on the TV without any video. It should be going to full screen but the overlay function doesnít seem to be working. When I disable ďhardware overlayĒ in the winamp options, I can see the video playing on the TV and I can even get full screen by going to full screen mode on my computer. The problem with this is that Iím not able to use my computer for anything else because I have to stay in full screen. Iím sure that I could use component, but I really want to use DVI if possible and I donít want to purchase another really long video cable...ehhh. Any help would be greatly appreciated

*Note : Everything works properly when I use the composite output from my video card, itís just the second DVI connection that doesnít seem to work. I canít understand why games would work, but the video full screen doesnít. Using NVIDIA driver. There's also no option for theatre mode with NVIDIA. The option is making the secondary device fullscreen, this worked properly with composite video but not with the DVI....WHY????

64X2 4400+, 2 GB corsair mem, 7800GT, Creative X-fi xtreme, raptor 150GB, ASUS A8N-sli premium, antec truepowerII 550watt