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  1. Hey all,
    just a plea of help. A lil while ago my dad videotaped a wedding on miniDV. The footage was recorded on a miniDV camera (some professional sony one) and to his dismay the camera was malfunctioning and the footage that was recorded was corrupted. In places this corruption is slight, in others it's probably too bad.

    However, does anyone know a process or store, or whatever that may have a chance to improve the quality of these tapes?
    thanks for any help!
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    What sort of corruption ? If you are talking about digital drop out, then there is little that can be done. If you are talking about other types of image problems, then there may be hope.

    There isn't really a one size fits all approach to this, and most solutions are designed to address specific types of problems. Without knowing more detail about the issues you have, it is difficult to give specific answers.

    Can you post some examples of the problems you are seeing ?
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