Very nice program for fixing subtitles and some more features!


This is from the readme.txt file included in the English zip:

DSRT Editor for Win95-ME/NT-XP

Version 2.86 Freeware

Copyright (c) 2002-06, Dmitriy Kuznetzoff

This program developed for checking and very fast correcting SRT,SSA/ASS
and SST subtitles.

o Necessary DLL's:

o Features
o Checking a script for errors:
* Numeration errors
* Syntax errors
* Stuck together phrases
* Collisions
o Edit as simple text or synchronized with video in windowed-mode
or full-screen mode.
o Partial support of SSA/ASS 4.x and SST.
o Check a directory for any "bad" scripts.
o Auto-correction:
removing collisions, numeration errors, reformatting, changing duration
if needed.
o Simple operation under phrases:
shifting, changing duration, calculating duration,
merging, splitting, removing.
o Removing any garbage.
o Shifting
o Retiming
o Synchronizing (two scripts... in different translation possible)
o Removing duplicities.
o Removing/applying time-code.
o Changing durations of phrases.
o Remunerating
o Sorting
o Reformatting
o Backup copies.
o Importing from JACOsub/RT/SAMI/SSA/ASS/SUB/TurboTitle/XSS/ZeroG.
o Advanced replace features.

o Hotkeys in Full-screen editor
Alt+\ - Previous phrase (edit mode)
Alt+Enter - Next phrase (edit mode)
Ctrl+Alt+Left - Previous phrase
Ctrl+Alt+Right - Next phrase
Alt+Delete - Remove current phrase
Space - Pause/Resume
Up - Volume Up
Down - Volume Down
M - Mute
Esc - Resume playback (edit mode)
Esc - Return to "Video" dialog

o Hotkeys in "Video" dialog
Ctrl+Home - Go to first phrase
Ctrl+End - Go to last phrase
Alt+V - Full screen editor
Alt+P - Replay the current phrase
Alt+K - Toggle compensation mode
Alt+S - Synchronize video with the starting
time of the current phrase
Alt+R - Replace mode
Alt+Arrows - Move/change duration
Ctrl+Alt+Up - Stick to previous
Ctrl+Alt+Down - Stick to following
Ctrl+Alt+Left - Go to previous phrase
Ctrl+Alt+Right - Go to following phrase
Ctrl+Enter - Calculate duration
Alt+\ - Go to previous phrase (edit mode)
Alt+Enter - Go to following phrase(edit mode)
Alt+End - Calculate and set duration
Alt+Delete - Delete
Alt+C - Toggle sync. mode
Alt+N - Set starting time
Alt+M - Set finite time
Alt+F - Change mode
Enter - Set/recoil starting time
End - Set finite time
Ctrl+S - Save
F2 - Mark
Ctrl+F2 - Mark and set shift value.
F2 - Change the shift value (if active the list of marked ph.)
F3 - Set focus on text
F4 - Shift
Alt+Shif+F4 - Shift after current position
Shift+F4 - Change duration
Ctrl+Shift+F4 - Change durations
F5 - play/pause
F6 - play+sync. mode
F7 - play-5s
F9 - Insert a new phrase
Space - play/pause
Left - Previous frame
Right - Following frame
Shift+Left - Rewind 5 frames.
Shift+Right - Forward 5 frames.
Shift+Up - Rewind 10 frames.
Shift+Down - Forward 10 frames.
Page Up - Rewind 5s.
Page Down - Forward 5s.

o Contact information:
Best Regards.