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  1. I just had my parents 50th anniversary party transferred from Hi8 to DVD.
    I have the files on my hard-drive.
    Because of the lighting in the catering hall, several moments or
    scenes are dark.

    Is there a program that can make these scenes brighter?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    You could convert the VOBs back to MPEG-2 with a program like VOB2MPG and reencode them with a encoder like TMPGEnc and adjust the brightness there. Then you would have to author them back to a DVD. There would be some quality lost in the process.
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    You can convert back to the original M2V file, then use AVISYNTH to adjust the scenes individually. You can then re-encode the video using your encoder of choice. Quality loss is minimal.

    I don't know if TMPGenc allows scene-by-scene adjustments, but AviSynth does. It CAN get to be tedious, but adjusting/re-encoding is the only way to get the video where you want it (other than changing the brightness/contrast on your TV as you watch).
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