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Poll: What do you do to waste time at work?

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  1. look for stuff for downloading throught the net....browse Hilary Duff sites....chatting
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  2. VH Veteran jimmalenko's Avatar
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    Anyone got an MP3 of the "Yo yo yo yo Yoda" song ?
    If in doubt, Google it.
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  3. Originally Posted by AlecWest
    So, whenever someone wants to "waste time" at work, they generally just go to the bathroom.
    I once had a co-worker that would eat,read and take naps on the john.
    I usually don't have time to waste but I'll take an "extended" lunch now and again.
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  4. Originally Posted by jimmalenko
    Anyone got an MP3 of the "Yo yo yo yo Yoda" song ?
    The extension says WAV but it's actually MP3.
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