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  1. Looking for software that will give good qaulity photos to dvd and would be great to add my voice to the slide show, any ideas? thanks
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    I'm actually collecting my vacation photos right now, using MS MovieMaker. Besides the occational crash (save often!) it has some nice tricks up its sleeve. Save as DV AVI, encode to DVD specs MPG (many options available), and author (many options available). If you want something more allinoneish, ProShow Gold is great too.

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  3. Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements work together very well. You can bring your photo's into Premiere and then edit the photo directly from the timeline using Photoshop Elements then add your transitions, zoom, pan etc...

    I'm sure there are more efficient ways to capture your voice... I used a digital video camera to capture kids singing while videotaping. I then captured the sound directly into Premiere. Just a quick and dirty way if you aren't too concerned with exceptional sound quality. Hope this helps.

    Adobe Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements I go them packaged together from Costco online for $139 with a $40 rebate last year.
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