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    You may have noticed that I updated my 'Quick and Easy DVD creation under Linux' guide a few days ago to acknowledge a great new piece of free software that many Linux video enthusiasts have wanted for quite a while. Before DeVeDe's arrival, I think tovid was the nearest thing Linux had to offering a native program to easily convert a bunch of videos into a video DVD. Unfortunately for tovid, it has a huge list of dependencies and I never got it to work, although I admit I haven't tried the latest version as now I see no need.

    DeVeDe has so far managed to flawlessly convert every video that plays under mplayer (so, pretty much anything) onto a video DVD for me. This latest version (1.3) corrects any audio sync problems inherent in earlier versions, automatically encodes to the low-res DVD formats where appropriate and now lets the user choose the regional encoding format (PAL or NTSC) for each video. DeVeDe can produce .iso DVD images that are easily burnt under GNOME or KDE just by right-clicking on the file and selecting 'Write to DVD' or 'Burn with k3b'.

    You can download DeVeDe 1.3 from its hompage at

    Debian (and probably Ubuntu too) users can easily install DeVeDe from the Marillat repository.

    The following is took from the recent addition to my Linux DVD guide-

    DeVeDe doesn't support the creation of menus at the time of writing but it does support exporting the file structure and separate MPEG2 files so you can easily import them into a menu creation tool such as Varsha or qdvdauthor.

    DeVeDe is very easy to use and really doesn't require a guide at all but it comes with instructions regardless. All you really need to know is that any videos you put into one title will be played consecutively as one film so, seeing as DeVeDe doesn't create menus, you will need to know how you skip through titles on your DVD player if you put clips into any title other than the first (and you don't then create a menu in a separate program for that disc).

    Happy burning!

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    You should check out Avidemux...its a pretty good X to VCD, SVCD, DVD, Ipod, psp, and many more. It is better than Tovid in my opinion...
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