I know there are lots of professional (S)VHS machines out there that will play Dolby Stereo (on the linear track) in SP but I need one that will also playback in LP & SLP.
My first VCR was a Panasonic PV-6500, a 2-piece 4-head Dolby-stereo portable model. I made a lot of stereo recordings in LP (after SP stopped recording properly ) and also in SLP.

There was a "sound-with-sound" feature that let you dub in other audio later on the right channel and I did that a lot with some interesting results for the early days of home video!

Now, years later, I want to preserve that fun when I transfer those tapes to DVD but there is no machine to play them on. Today's linear audio vcr heads are mono.
Any ideas of what old units with Dolby Stereo might be around now and working decently?

Oh BTW i don't want to get another old Panny portable from ebay because although it recorded very well it wouldn't be good for playback now -- the playback was faded and smeary looking even back then (before HQ circuitry).
By contrast my friend's old Sharp dolby stereo VCR had great playback. I wish I could remember the model number.