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    I'm new to this whole DVD ripping thing.

    I would like to rip my House Season 1 DVDs onto my computer so I dont need to change DVDs to watch different episodes (there are 3DVDs double sided). I have plenty of hard drive space (300GB).

    I want there to be no loss in quality what so ever. I dont know what format I could rip it to be in. Is there any quality loss in AVI, MP4, MPEG-2, etc.??


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    If you want know quality loss at all, use DVD Decrypter (or DVD Fab Decrypter if it turns out they have Arcoss protection), and play them from the folder they are in. If you feel more adventurous, rip them to ISO format so you have a single file for each disc, then mount them with daemon tools to play them back.

    Converting them to anything other than lossless compression will result in some degree of quality reduction. Converting them to lossless compress will most likely result in a much larger file and no menus etc.
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    rip the entire dvd using dvdfab decrypter or dvddecrypter. no need to convert to any other format if you have space over. you can play dvds from the hd with most dvd players like mpc,vlc,powerdvd,windvd...

    you can also rip to iso formats and then make virtual dvd from the iso using daemont tools.

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