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    I'm new to VCD and would like to make a VCD with both video and mpeg stills in it. how would i do this. also i want to add chapters to my video but haven't gotten there yet either, i'm sure there is a guide somewhere. my main menu with be something like...

    1. movie
    2. chapters
    3. another video
    4. pictures

    any help would be appreciated! thanks
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    Check out and They both have good guides for VCDEasy and/or VCDImager. What you want to do (video+stills+menus+chapters) is quite possible and this combination is probably the best for this, although there is some manual work involved (particularly with creating the stills in the 1st place) and while VCDEasy incorporates Stills encoding, you still need a video encoder (such as CCE, TMPGEnc, Mainconcept, etc).

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