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    This is my first guide.
    I am sure there are other guides for doing what I wanted to do.
    I tried to use a couple of them but they seemed complicated, involving programs that I don't have,and knowledge of DVD script code that for now I am not intersted to learn.

    I did however download one program that does the job easily.PGCEDIT,THANK YOU.

    I like the Idiot's guides because they are usually simple and I can follow them easily.

    So this is my Idiot's guide for importing your custom made menu to episode DVDs.

    Create a small video clip (1 frame),using any video editing program, making sure you have the correct TV format (PAL,NTSC), with no sound.

    Using your preferred DVD authoring tool, create a menu (moving or static, with or without sound, it's up to you,but try to keep it very simple so that the menu file size is not to big), that points to the appropriate number of the episodes you want to have on your DVD.

    So if you are going to have three episodes on your DVD you will make a menu that points to three movies.
    For these three movies you will use the video clip we made at the beginning.
    Then you output a small DVD(in MBytes)in a folder, on your hard disk, that is just a menu pointing to the movies that are very small.

    You can check it with a software DVD player.Because the movies are so small you probably won't even see them play when you click them on the menu.But you can see if your menu is ok.
    You can also check it with DVD Shrink.

    At some stage along the way you have to put the episodes on your hard disk,probably using DVD Shrink, making sure they will fit on a DVDR so you will not have to reauthor afterwards.
    The menu DVD we already have should be less than 2 MB(using an image), so you shouldn't need to reauthor the final dvd.

    Then open up PGCEDIT.
    Use file,open to Open the DVD (video_ts) that contains the menu with the very small movies.
    You will get this message

    Click close and you will see the DVD in PGCEDIT

    Right Click on the first movie(VTST1,1) and click on Import Title's closing Clip.

    Tell it that you will be using a video clip and leave to return to the menu after the clip finishes.

    Now locate your episodes and select the video***.ifo that corresponds to your first episode.

    In this case I have four episodes, so I have four ifo's.
    You can either move or copy the VOB if you have enough space.

    You get a warning

    just click OK and your episode will be copied to where you menu is.
    Once this is done you will see that your imported episode follows the small 1 frame movie

    Then right click on the rest of VTST(1,2-1,3.....)and do the same thing as above.
    Once you are done with all the episodes you save the whole thing

    and you should get an ok

    And there you have it.
    A DVD with a custom made menu to select your episodes.
    If you have different languages or sibtitles you can enable them using the remote control of your DVD Player.
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    First off I'd like to thank omarios for this excellent guide. It explains exactly what I wanted to accomplish, which was creating a backup of several DVD's worth of material onto a single DVD with a custom menu, while maintaining all audio and subtitle streams. If you load into DVD Lab Pro a VOB that has multiple audio and subtitle components everything but the video and one audio track is lost. This guide solves that problem.

    The method I used to create the one frame video clip needed to make the "dummy" VIDEO_TS file structure was to open one of the original VOB's in MPEG-VCR, advance two frames and then cut out the rest. Save the remaining single frame as an mpg.

    One exception I had was that the menu I initially created called for the DVD to play the next episode after the current episode finished, not return to the main menu. Since I followed the guide verbatim, the finished DVD would return to the main menu after every episode so I had to go through the procedure twice. The second time through I selected "Try to Clone the original title behavior" instead of "Return to the Root Menu of the original title" and everything worked perfectly.
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