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  1. I want to know how do I burn a vcd that has copy protection on it. I was told in another forum that you cannot put copy protection on a vcd, or that if you did put copy protection on it, you could only view it on a computer. But I want to view it on DVD & VCD players... Thank for any help...
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  2. ya, as far asi i've read in the last few days i think it's impossible. altho i'm sure it can be done thro a computer

    i dunno if this helped or not, but i tried
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  3. Any copy protection you put on a VCD will either render the disc unreadable by stand-alone players, or can be easily overcome by anyone persistent enough to do so.

    The best copy protection for home-made VCDs is to not lend it to anyone.

    If you want something that would disuade the average idiot (or at least annoy them), rather than using copy protection, author a still screen at the beginning of the VCD that says in BIG letters, "STOLEN FROM "insert your name"".

    Michael Tam
    w: Morsels of Evidence
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    Maybe try making a menu system with heaps of subpages

    On the first page you could have a question that only you would know the answer to and if they get it wrong the goto a page that you can not do anything on but see a nasty picture with fowl language. If you got the question right you would goto another page with another question if you get it wrong you would goto that nasty page and so on.

    The more question pages you have would make it more longer and anooying for Anybody unauthorised to get to the proper menu.

    Just an idea since as far as i know you cannot have a password protected VCD.

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  5. Vcd's Can't be encrypted like dvd's. If they are the stand-alone player can't read them. Any one persistant can use a program like vcd cutter or freeware program such as TSCV or ISOBUSTER to extract the data off of the disc and convert it back to an MPEG File which they can now play on their PC or burn back onto another cd with out fancy menu screens. You put an illegal track format on the cd to keep people from making disc to disc copies with burning software
    like Adaptec,NTI, or CDRWIN, but CloneCD may be able to overcome this I never tried it. Best form of Copy Protection and Child Safety is a safe which you can buy at Walmart for about $50, and it will hold quite a few cd's i might add. Even if the person you know doesn't know how to copy them the information is readily available on the internet or they may know someone who is capable.

    Remember this DVD's are Copy Protected and supposed to be copy proof. This site and others show you how to overcome that so you can make personal backups. You can only slow them down a tad and I mean a tad, maybe extra step or so to keep them but my pc can extract and 80min vcd in about 6-10min which will defeat any disc copy protection. Using 1 program and then the cd is on my pc and can be viewed on most media players at anytime or burned onto a cd or vcd to be shown to whoever at will. In my answer to your question I just told you how to defeat vcd copy protection whether it's disc protection or passworded in any sort. This Post can be viewed by everyone with internet access, This should discourage you from further attempts.
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