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  1. I am having some troubles trying to convert Bink (.bik) files to avi with Rad Tools.

    I load the file I want to convert then I choose Convert a file.

    I choose Avi as my output type and I choose the output destination as a folder I have saved on my desktop.

    I then choose Covert, which after a second or two gives me the following error message

    Windows Crashed while creating the output AVI file.
    This usually means that the codec you chose is broken somehow.
    There isn't anything bink can do to work around this problem.

    Now when I go through the setup process I never get an option to choose a codec, I have read on different forums that I am suppose to get that option?

    Anyways wonder if anyone knows a solution to this problem or of a different program to convert bink files to avi/mpeg/wmv. I thought TMPGEnc was suppose to have a plugin for bink but I have not been able to find it.

    Thanks for any help you can give
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    I've googled this for you:

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