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  1. Hi I tried to convert a avi and a mpeg file to 3gp but ffmpeg creates a file
    .3gp with 0 kb.What can I do? Thanks.
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    If this is for the Mac, I can't help. If this is in regard to a PC (as your computer details indicate), I think you may be in the wrong forum. Anyway, if it is for the PC, you should try SUPER. It is a free "frontend" for several encoders and everything you need is installed automatically. It has presets for 3gp output. I use it frequently and it works wonderfully. The main site is
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  3. Thanks for the help but you're right I'm in a mac so super doesn't work. For the moment I'm converting with QT but I suppose ffmpeg is faster adn gets better quality than QT,isn't it?
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  4. You may click the blue "i" button in the progress window to search for the error message.
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