The Latest News forum is open for all members to post Video News
but some members have accidentally been posting incorrect material
or the correct material, but in the wrong format.

The Latest News is of course highlighted on the front page, and while it might seem logical to allow SALES posts, the value of any SALE in one country is limited, and the feature is open to spam abuse. This is an International forum. 68% of members don't live in the US.

Members are asked to use common sense when posting. A limited amount of sales posts are allowed, but they can only be posted in an appropriate area. For example: PC parts can go to the Computer forum, DVD blank sales can be reported to the Media forum and general stuff can be posted in Off topic.

All new posts, except in off topic, are sent to the front page, so there is ample opportunity for your post to be read by all who might be interested - not just those who are browsing a particular forum at the time.

What to post in Latest News

Post any video related news here such as new or updated tools, hardware, guides, sites and similiar.

NO off topic news please!

NO best prices or sales

NO latest gossip

NO Actors or movie related stuff

NO updates on current events

ONLY directly Video related news please

How to Post in Latest News

1. Choose a subject that briefly describes the news
Tmpgenc 3.0 released

2. Type a complete description of the news
Tmpgenc 3.0 has been released with millions of new features like supermegapowwerultrafast encoding............

3. Add a direct link

All the above is in the sticky provided in the forum. It is important for NEW MEMBERS to check all stickies in any forum before posting. Announcements also contain important info for both new and old members.

Also please take the time to read the Forum rules / AUP if you
have not done so. You can read them by clicking HERE