Anybody come across a region free hack for region 1 the Samsung DVD-R120? I tried the one mentioned here:

which didn't work. After looking around, it seems this hack will only apply to region 2 (maybe regions 2-6) models. What basically happens when I try to apply this is that after step 2, it just changes the channel on the input as opposed to showing the region code in the upper left corner. Given that two of the three comments listed regard region 2, it seems I'm stuck. It's not the biggeswt deal, since I have it running through a region-free Samsung home-theetre-in-a-box system, I just diagree with region coding on pricipal and like to defeat it when possible.

I will admit, I am probably missing something in the hack, i.e. a menu step or something similar. If anyone can provide some info, positive or negative, it would be much appreciated.