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  1. Serene Savage Shadowmistress's Avatar
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    Originally Posted by james636
    @offline Being carded doesn't bother me. Lying on me does.
    Hold on a second. You walked in here telling us you were trying to remove tmd text. So we believed you. He didn't "lie on you", he simply took you at your word. Unfortunately, you professed to have warez (any movie with the tmd logo embedded into it is warez) so you got carded for that. It doesn't matter if you were lying before because now that you admit that you perjured yourself, we don't believe anything you say.

    Originally Posted by james636
    @Faustus what illegal file did I have?
    "TMD.xxxxx.whatever" They're all illegal copies of movies. Every last one of them.

    Originally Posted by james636
    @Shadowmistress Sorry about that dude part but bangbros movies have at the bottom of their movies along with other sites like them.

    I could send you a sample if you don't belive me
    Thank you but no thanks.
    It seems you haven't learned the "Don't ask, don't tell" lesson yet. You'll probably earn yourself another card if you keep this up. I'm not familiar with this group so as to tell if this is warez or not.... but I'm sure the rest of you guys won't have a problem checking it out for me.

  2. Banned
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    Originally Posted by offline
    James, you are a classic. My brother had an Australian terrier that also would never let go.

    Being carded doesn't bother me. Lying on me does.
    Well if I had indeed got on top of you I think I would have recalled the experience.
    Anyway you must have been bothered about the carding to be so tenacious in the first place.

    If it's a good bangbros sample you can send it to me.
    I think you are referring to the term laying.

    I don't even know what carded means. How does one know if he/she has been carded? I know that I've been so called "carded" because you and a couple of others said that I was.

    Wow, everyone beware of the card

  3. Member Faustus's Avatar
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    Note for extra funny. Currently he doesn't even have a card.

    Thread closed. Stop being childish stop running from you own facts. Buck up or I get angry. YOu won't blah blah blah.

  4. Originally Posted by james636

    I think you are referring to the term laying.

    I want to lie down
    He is lying on top of me
    He is lying about me
    The chicken is laying eggs
    He won't stop laying his hands on my knee.
    I suggest you lay off

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