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  1. I have been using procoder for encoding movie over a year without any problem. However, when I tried to encode a music dvd yesterday I got a a dialog box shown "the setting of this preset are invalid". I clicked "o.K" then it worked fine. Has anyone seen this problem ? and how do I fix it?
    Thanks for your help
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  2. Uhh...Reinstall Procoder would be my first choice.
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  3. I've had this happen a couple of times and it's always been a soundtrack issue. That is, whatever preset you're using for audio encoding in Procoder is having issues with whatever audio codec the "master" source uses. If that made sense.

    Based on such little information as supplied by you so far (no offense!), first thing I'd check is to see what the audio properties are of the file that gave you the error message -- when you open it in Procoder, scroll down to the audio properties and see what codec (if any) the audio is in, is it mp3, wav, AC3, whatever. Of course this assumes that this problem is occuring just on this particular video file, not all files. If Procoder is doing this even with files that worked before, then yeah, I'd reinstall. But if it's just this file or similar files, find out what audio codec it is, download the latest version of whatever it is, see if that helps.

    Also when you encode, you might try using different audio outputs (wav or mp2, try both) and see if that changes anything. Usually I have no problems doing conversions if I use wav audio output, elementary streams, then convert the wav audio after-the-fact. Otherwise I've encountered weirdness with Procoder and audio; nothing hideous, just annoyances like this.

    Good luck!
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