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    I was wondering if you could use this option in the next release of 0.0.9 (or perhaps 1.0.0?).

    When I am encoding for iPod (on my dual-core 2.3 G5), my Activity Monitor shows around 100% CPU load and a single thread for x264.

    A threaded build would therefore nearly double my encoding speed.

    Then again, you could just say: "Get that x264 source code and compile it for yourself!".

    That's what I first did.

    But for 2 days now I am desperately trying to compile my custom x264 binary (with pthreads enabled). Unfortunately, I am stuck with some errors using the "enable-mp4-output" option.

    To make things even worse, mp4-output depends on gpac ( and I am not getting it to build either.

    Maybe gcc-4.0.1 is not suitable for this source code, so I would ask you which version of gcc do you use for your builds.

    Best regards,

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  2. x264 is already compiled with pthreads enabled.
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